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Altered Presence – When the Slipperiness of Our Soul Arrives

CREATE RULE EXPAND YOUR LEGACY every article is written through a TRUTH I have experienced GM Speaking About Altered Presence – When the Slipperiness of Our Soul Arrives In my morning practices of meditation and Chi Kung, I have found my moments of timeless bliss. This is where my best thinking happens and where business tasks and ideas pop up for me to act on once I finish the practice. Together with my music, quiet space in my home and my special chair, I get “locked in” for these 10-15 minutes. This practice enables me to open a channel to a voice or data download, where I am the receptor and I trust it. I surrender fully with the utmost faith, without questioning, I can and only act on it.  The zone is when you are in your flow. GM subscribes to activating his superpowers through Chi-Kung and meditation   The closest thing it resembles is like being in the zone when playing a sport. When you are playing basketball, the outside forces have no effect other than to witness your almost invincible skills in flow. You barely speak, your focus is all there, with every sense you carry, even the unfamiliar senses. Any defensive player covering you stands no chance and becomes disarmed as you line up making every shot. Even the ones you miss are made up with nearly every other play...

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