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Becoming Comfortable With Discomfort

Meeting The  Challenge


My calling is to help you craft your life’s Legacy with clarity and purposeful intention.

Most of us love operating from our comfort zone and we’ve all heard that our growth or expansion is at the edge of this comfort zone. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another, whether it be public speaking, asking out our future wives on the first date, having critical conversations at work with a key collaborator or partner or even just creating space for ourselves. Getting uncomfortable is something that as humans we are not wired to do. Our brain tells us to search for the path of least resistance ingrained by years of past habits. The fact that we can consciously confront this barrier between these two zones and decisively make a choice to move forward allows us to develop a muscle that will only continue to grow but become stronger as we expand. 

But why do we feel uncomfortable with all these things, all of these opportunities of growth? What it really comes down to is fear of the unknown and fear perhaps that we will not be loved. This may come in the form of being ridiculed, being questioned and having our identity destroyed in public space or with those we most love. Or even worse, we have not ventured into our inner selves and have consciously created our entire self-worth based on our external identities. When we breakdown these illusions we are so scared to realize we are a fraud. 

What is the vision of your relationship? Are you bringing your all?

Our biggest fear is that she would freak out and leave us. But the question is, is the relationship that you have built with her strong enough for there to be a space where you can come clean with reality but delivering a certainty of a turaround plan? The woman who supports her man does so when the shit hits the fan, if and only if the man can communicate to her a certainty of a plan. If and only if the man knows with certainty within himself that his true worth is inside, that he is his most valuable when he is most exposed and has nothing material left to give except his ultimate worth.

Down deep she needs safety and security, and although financial stress may be a temporary situation, if there is underlying certainty and she sees in the man a strength and courage to do whatever necessary to right the course, she will support that man.

Once we tap into this internal peace we are able to operate our different roles from a position of much more solid strength. We develop a certainty based leadership rather than a confidence based leadership. We get confidence from external recognitions and praise, results and our external power frames. These are all rented gifts that may shift at a moment’s notice. Certainty and internal peace on the other hand are intangible, timeless and a knowing that we are much more than the sum of our external parts.

“The best of the most successful men have queens behind them.”


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Gian Marco is a versatile entrepreneur, awareness strategist and successful business leader. A devoted practitioner in the psychology of how to Rule Your Legacy. He shares his wisdom gained through direct experiences and cuts through 20 years, parting winning best practices to help others accelerate in their personal and business growth.

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