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Month: November 2017


Does Proximity Really Matter MEN Insights Learned From A Truth I Have Experienced Your queen is your most important client. Your marriage is your most important enterprise. Divorce is the largest destructor of capital in the United States and I would say around the world. What good is it that your business is successful if you have to pay out half or more to your ex wife. Now don’t get me wrong me here, some relationships are toxic and divorce is the best solution. I’m focusing on the divorces that are created by the lack of intentionality and awareness...

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Mindhacking Fatherhood

CREATE RULE EXPAND YOUR LEGACY every article is written through a TRUTH I have experienced Gian Marco Speaking About Hacking Fatherhood Here is a  quick hack on what I use as a dad when I coming to my home to change my role and mindset not only for my wife, which is extremely important but especially for my kids. It’s terribly important to me to put out the right frequency and energy to bring home for them. When I pull into my driveway I know I carry the stresses of work. I bring  the challenges of work with people...

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Becoming Comfortable With Discomfort

Meeting The  Challenge GIAN MARCO My calling is to help you craft your life’s Legacy with clarity and purposeful intention. Most of us love operating from our comfort zone and we’ve all heard that our growth or expansion is at the edge of this comfort zone. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another, whether it be public speaking, asking out our future wives on the first date, having critical conversations at work with a key collaborator or partner or even just creating space for ourselves. Getting uncomfortable is something that as humans we are not wired to...

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